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Richard Daniel Curtis’ Mentoring School offers international mentoring training to suit your situation, whether you work with adults, children, young people, teenagers, young adults, colleagues, peers, entrepreneurs, business owners or business leaders.

What is mentoring?

A mentor is a trusted and experienced advisor who trains and counsels newer, younger or less experienced people. They offer advice or guidance to someone, understanding when to listen and let someone work through their own difficulties.

What are the benefits of mentoring?

Mentoring is shown to develop individuals within a company at senior and low levels.  It increases employee motivation, job performance and retention rates.  For managers it multiplies the impact of any change and also prepares the new leaders for the complexity of the challenges they will face.

How is it different from coaching?

Mentoring is support that is based on the experience of having already travelled a similar journey.  There are two types of mentoring:

  • Technical mentoring – the process of supporting someone to learn the skills for the task they are going to perform (for example, how to do their job).
  • Pastoral mentoring – the process of providing the ‘whole-picture’ holistic support that a mentee needs.

A mentoring session will often focus on whatever the issue or barrier that the mentee is experiencing at that particular, so is very much based in the present.

There are a number of coaching techniques out there.  They do not necessarily rely on the coach having experienced the journey the coachee is on.  Coaching may involve preparing someone for a future event, such as an exam, a journey, transition or even a game.



Many mentors have amazing skills in their area of expertise, however lack the underlying psychology of what it means to be a mentor and the process around that.  I founded The Mentoring School to meet that need.

Richard Daniel Curtis – Founder and CEO


What is Train 1 Train 2?

The Mentoring School have partnered with charities to provide training for volunteers working with refugees.  For every person our licenced trainers train, we provide a course to a volunteer.  For more details please see our Train 1 Train 2 page.