About the team

Richard Daniel Curtis

CEO and Founder

Richard Daniel Curtis is an internationally renowned behaviour expert and futurist passionate about helping millions understand mindset and psychology.  His work in the mentoring arena has gathered huge amounts of interest from around the globe.

He founded The Mentoring School out of the need for standards and rigor in the mentoring world.

Having worked with vulnerableRichard-on-sky-news children and young adults for many years, Richard has a vast amount of experience in the mentoring world.  He now writes and delivers training for mentors working with CEOs, executives, business owners, employees, apprentices, young adults, teens and children.

Richard is passionate about preparing people for the future, often being asked to talk about things that can be done today to ensure the human race is prepared for the challenges it faces in the next generation, mentoring being a huge factor in supporting humans through the AI change.

He has appeared on TV, radio and in newspapers talking about his team’s work.

Richard is also the founder of multi-award winning special needs support service The Root Of It.