Free course for mentees

How to Be a Good Mentee Thank you for wanting to find out how to make the most of your mentoring relationship. This is a fantastic opportunity for you and we want to help you to get the very best out of your support. Mentoring is a two-way relationship and it is important that you

Free course for mentors

The International Mentor Network are delighted to give you free access to a course introducing the basic theory of mentoring. This complimentary four-module course covers: the foundations of mentoring relationships delivering mentoring sessions support for mentors good practice mentoring boundaries Hosted by leading behaviour expert Richard Daniel Curtis, this 60 minute course will help you

What is Mentoring

What is a Mentor? A mentor is a trusted and experienced advisor who trains and counsels newer, younger or less experienced people. They offer advice or guidance to someone, understanding when to listen and let someone work through their own difficulties and overcome the barriers that a mentee faces on their journey. What are the

Levels of Mentoring

There are 8 levels of Mentoring recognised by The Mentoring School. These are: First Level Awareness A mentor at this level has a basic awareness of what mentoring is and relies on their own people skills. They may have done a short awareness course, for example an online course. Second Level Principles Someone who uses

The Mentor’s Mantra

Many people with structuring different conversations to help mentor others over a particular hurdle, help them comes to terms with something, deal with loss or grief.  It can be hard for some to raise difficult subjects or find a way of letting a conversation develop in order to help a mentees emotional or mental health.