Apprentice Mentor Qualification

A course to train your staff how to provide pastoral mentoring for your apprentices

Helping employers to get the most out of their apprentices by giving high-quality support

The National Apprentice Mentor Qualification is delivered by our partner training providers or by us to employers across the UK.

Our research has shown that a shocking 69% of team leaders or managers do NOT feel confident providing the support that apprentices need, and even worse, about 50% of apprentices feel unsupported by their employers!

We therefore sat down with some training providers, some employers and some apprentices to construct a course that would meet those needs.  The National Apprentice Mentor course was the result.  We’ve delivered this course to employers across the country (including a version for apprentice tutors).

It can be delivered in three ways:

  • Online
  • In person (over three days)
  • Blended learning (some online and one day in the classroom)

Here’s just a few people who we’ve delivered the training to:


What people say about the impact of this course:

“The workplace mentoring courses from The Mentoring School are fully immersive courses that teach the hidden skillset of the workplace (and the most useful of the lot!). A manager can expect to see real time productivity change!” Ahmed Esat

Our exclusive specialist three-day course (or blended learning Fast Track of 8 hours of eLearning and 6 hours in classroom) covers up to date good practice skills in working with individuals or groups of apprentices in the workplace, covering the practical skills to support their social, emotional and mental well-being and help them to succeed:

  • What is a mentor
  • About you
  • Barriers to learning
  • Learning new skills
  • Coping with emotions
  • Preparation for working life
  • Employer requirements
  • Supporting an individual
  • Supporting a group
  • Good practice for mentors
  • Supporting life skills
  • Involving other staff
  • Supporting Social, Emotional and Mental Health
  • Monitoring outcomes of induction
  • Giving feedback

The course is then followed by a four-unit assignment completed over six months.  This assignment is currently recognised by Edge Hill University, and we’re currently working with Ofqual to progress it as a formal Level 3 Award.

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