Coaching and mentoring training for on-programme tutors and assessors

Developments in apprenticeships have incredibly changed the landscape for those people who support apprentices throughout their course.  The focus of their work is far more than just a visiting assessor and the pressure is to be able to coach and mentor them to ensure they complete their course.

Looking at an apprentice’s work to help them towards their End Point Assessment, is very different than checking that the apprentice has done the work and marking the unit criteria off.

Combine this with the latest understanding of the neuro-science behind how to motivate and engage apprentices, the new theories affecting learning styles and also the changes to the brain during the teenage years, there is a lot for on-programme staff to consider.

Even staff who have been in the sector for years, need to hear what we have to tell them!

The multi-award-winning Mentoring School are proud to announce the launch of a course for those working as assessors or tutors supporting an apprentice through their course.


  • The difference between coaching and mentoring and when to use each
  • Overcoming barriers that stop apprentices
  • Supporting employers
  • Diversity
  • Working with different generations
  • Low level mental health, autism, ADHD
  • Life skills
  • Employability skills


Our exclusive specialist course covers up to date good practice skills in working with individuals or groups of apprentices in the workplace, covering the practical skills to support their social, emotional and mental well-being and help them overcome barriers to succeed.  It covers the requirements under the existing apprentice framework scheme and the new requirements under the standards scheme:

  • What is a mentor
  • About your workplace ethos
  • Barriers to completion
  • Ways of learning
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Preparation for working life
  • Supporting Employers
  • Supporting an individual
  • Supporting a group
  • Good practice for mentors
  • Supporting life skills
  • Involving other staff
  • Supporting Social, Emotional and Mental Health
  • Monitoring outcomes of induction
  • Giving feedback

We guarantee that you will leave this course having learnt news tools and strategies for your work.

How is it delivered?

The course is available in 3 forms: a 3-day course, Fast-Track (eLearning and 1 day in-person), or eLearning.

All are followed by a 4-unit reflective assignment completed over 6 months to gain the certificate.

Is this an official qualification?

We are currently registering our courses with Ofqual (forecast at Level 3) and are in a Protected Learner period, meaning that every learner that completes prior to this accreditation being achieved, we will remark them when it is achieved.

How much does it cost?

In-person course £700 + VAT p.p.

Fast-Track £600 + VAT p.p.

eLearning £500 + VAT p.p.

Ask us about bulk-buy options

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