Courses in education

  • Want to have more impact for the children or young people in your school?
  • Want to tackle social, emotional and mental health difficulties in your school?
  • Worried that groups of students aren’t making the progress that they should?
  • Do you want your teaching assistants to do that bit extra?
  • Do you want to be able to provide tried and tested in-house interventions?
  • Are you missing learning mentors?
  • Do you want your learning mentors to reflect current good practice?

Then join the increasing number of schools using our national qualification.

The Mentoring School have worked with practitioners in schools to develop qualifications, which are recognised by a leading British university:


The National Children’s Mentor Qualification – for Primary settings

The National Young Person’s Mentor Qualification – for Secondary settings and Further and Higher Education settings

National Academic Mentoring Qualification – for academic mentoring in Secondary and FE settings

Mentoring young people for work readiness – for people who mentor teenagers or young adults to help them prepare for employability

Other courses for schools:

Peer Mentoring Course

Parenting courses

Anger management qualification