National Academic Mentoring Qualification

There is a very clear focus on making sure every single one of your students in secondary school and higher education achieves to their best potential.

It can be hard to support a minority of students though, they are often described as ‘hard to reach’ and certainly they need help to overcome the barriers they have to achieve academically whilst they are with you.

That’s why we developed the National Academic Mentoring Qualification.  Using our previous experience of mentoring young people to overcome social, emotional and mental health difficulties, we developed a three-day course to help train support staff or teachers to mentor young people to help them engage academically.

The specialist three-day course is designed to help give your staff the tools und underlying psychology into providing support for academic progress and learning:
• About you
• What is a Mentor
• Barriers to learning and overcoming them
• Learning styles
• Managing emotions
• Good practice for mentors
• Mindset
• Supporting specific conditions
• Planning an individual intervention
• Planning a group intervention
• Involving children and young people
• Involving staff
• Understanding the role of brain development
• Setting up a referral system
• Monitoring outcomes of intervention
• Bringing it all together
• Reflecting on our journey and assignment

After completion of the course, learners have six months to return a reflective assignment covering working with individuals, groups, their own learning and further reading.  This assignment can be used at Prior Learning at some universities, such as Edge Hill.

The Mentoring School are now taking bookings to come and deliver this course to in-house teams at colleges or secondary schools or groups of neighbouring establishments.

The course costs £650 + VAT per person, however it is being offered for in-house teams for a discounted price.

To enquire about more information or availability, please call our team on 02381 120010 or email us at