International Peer Mentoring Course

There are many benefits to helping children and young people mentoring their peers for both the mentors and the mentees, including:

  • being mentored by someone of a similar age who understands what you are going through;
  • talking to someone independent from the situation;
  • developing confidence and communication skills;
  • developing listening skills;
  • develops problem solving skills;
  • encourages reflection;
  • teaches skills for the workplace.

The Mentoring School offer a half-day course to organisations, schools, colleges, universities and settings to train them to deliver the 7 module Peer Mentoring Course.   There are variants of the course for primary and secondary schools, and for young adults.

The half-day course covers the modules and administration of the course:

  • Module 1 – Your setting
  • Module 2 – About you
  • Module 3 – Managing emotions
  • Module 4 – Listening
  • Module 5 – Structured conversations
  • Module 6 – Organising the team
  • Module 7 – Bringing it together
  • Marking students workbooks

Young people attending the course will need to complete a section of the course workbook after each module and return this to the organisation delivering the course for marking and award of the certificate.


If you are interested in delivering this course in your setting email us at