Unconscious bias training – tackling diversity from within

What is Unconscious Bias?

The 21st Century company is a very different place than we have seen before.  Many of the working practices, experiences and beliefs that we have encountered over our lifetime (and sometimes through other generations) lead us to have subliminal beliefs.

These unconscious values cause us to have a bias towards or away from a particular issue, be it BAME, gender, generations, sexuality, disability or other situations.  In turn, because our brain is subconsciously wired like this, it reacts with this bias, without us realising it is happening.

How does it affect my business?

If your senior leadership team have unconscious biases, then without realising it there will be a business impact.  This could be affecting:

  • recruitment
  • succession planning
  • line management
  • internal communication
  • external communication
  • decision-making

With increasing pressure on companies to be evidencing their inclusiveness and diversity, then now is the perfect time to ensure that leaders and staff receive unconscious bias training.

But I am very switched on, I don’t think I have an unconscious bias…

If you are not sure you should undertake this training, then take one of the free online tests (please note that these are US-based questions).

So, I just do a course to make me aware, right?

On our courses, we have learnt that not only is it important to help people identify their Unconscious Biases, it is vital there is ongoing support in place to make sure that the unconscious is made conscious.  Often these comprise of closed Facebook or LinkedIn groups involving the attendees of a course and one or two of our staff as moderators and facilitators.

Unconscious Bias courses

Unconscious Bias Awareness

An eLearning course, suitable for large numbers of staff, broken down into 10-15 minute modules raising awareness of any unconscious biases they have.

Please contact us at hello@thementoringschool.com for your bespoke quote based on the number of staff accessing the training (unlimited options available).

1 day Unconscious Bias course

An immersive course that focuses on common themes of unconscious bias within the group, followed by an ongoing support network to embed the changes.

6th September, 9-5, Reading

11th September, 9-5, Leeds

Only £250 + VAT per person!

Group booking on your site £2500 + VAT for up to 15

Weekend retreat – unconscious bias

A whole weekend spent assessing your own biases, dissecting each theme, exploring ways to address them and action planning.  The weekend is followed by a series of monthly activities within a closed peer support group to ensure the learning is embedded.

Immersive weekend £1,997, 20th-21st January 2018, Birmingham

£250 discount offered for those undertaking the one-day courses above.

Please note accommodation and meals are not provided on this course.

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