Deliver our courses

We offer selected partners the opportunity to deliver our training under licence.

Our licencees use our high quality qualifications to compliment their work.  With ongoing support and updates to training materials we like to work in partnership with our licencees.

The benefits for you:

  • Additional income for a low outlay;
  • Reassurance of providing training accredited by The Mentoring School;
  • Training packages ready to be used in multiple locations out of the box;
  • Training on the courses from our team of trainers;
  • Ongoing support for the people you train from our team.

Master licencees have the rights to train their own trainers.

We are proud of the fact that our licence fees are so low you only have to fill one course a year to be making a profit.

There are licences available in:

  • Apprentice Mentoring Qualifications
  • Business and Entrepreneur Mentoring Qualifications
  • Workplace Mentoring Qualifications
  • Refugee Mentoring Qualifications
  • Schools Mentoring Qualifications
  • Sports Mentoring Qualifications
  • Teenager and Young Adult Mentoring Qualifications
  • Anger Management courses
  • Parenting courses


Please contact Richard on +442381 120010 or by email to find out if these courses are right for you.