Apprentice Training Providers

Introducing a way of helping your employers support your apprentices, whilst you add more value to your offer for large employers and they get staff training


Having apprentices in a company brings a unique set of challenges that many businesses and managers are unprepared for.  The support an apprentice requires for work readiness in their approach to their job and their life can lead to frequent placement failures for some, even for providers with high success rates.

The need

Many Apprentice Training Providers across the country feel that businesses would benefit from learning how to improve the support they offer their apprentices.  In fact, sometimes they are having to put in extra support or find the apprentice another placement.


Our survey of apprentices themselves showed that nearly half of apprentices felt they do not receive enough support from their employers and over 85% feel employers would benefit from more training on supporting apprentices.

The course

Since beginning working with apprentices we have been regularly contacted to provide advice and training for employers to help them improve the support they are offering for apprentices and reduce placement failures.  We worked with Apprentice Training Providers and Apprentices to develop the National Apprentice Mentoring Qualification.


The three-day course covers a variety of modules designed to help the employer-based mentor support and develop the apprentices they are working with.  Designed to fit comfortably with the new standards and the old framework, this course compliments the training you provide, perfect for when the new levy comes in and the support funds that go alongside.

Ask us about our Hybrid version of the course, where your team only deliver one day

The participants then return a written assessment to your trainer in order to gain the formal qualification.  Employers are then able to display the qualification mark on their website and letterheads.

Our exclusive specialist three-day course covers up to date good practice skills in working with individuals or groups of apprentices in the workplace, covering the practical skills to support their social, emotional and mental well-being and help them overcome to succeed. It covers the requirements under the existing apprentice framework scheme and the new requirements under the standards scheme:

  • What is a mentor
  • About your workplace ethos
  • Barriers to learning
  • Learning new skills
  • Coping with emotions
  • Preparation for working life
  • Employer requirements
  • Supporting an individual
  • Diversity
  • Supporting a group
  • Good practice for mentors
  • Supporting life skills
  • Involving other staff
  • Supporting Social, Emotional and Mental Health
  • Monitoring outcomes of induction
  • Giving feedback


We know that businesses like to keep their costs low, that’s why we’ve priced our individual trainer licences at such a level that they can be used comfortably within the support funding under the new financial arrangements

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