Charities working with refugees

The work charities do with refugees makes a real difference, the impact of the advice, guidance and mentoring that volunteers are doing makes a real difference to families and children who have had to undergo journeys after making the decision to flee or leave their home.refugee-camp

For the charity or organisation managing their rapidly expanding teams brings it’s own challenges, many of the volunteers haven’t worked with refugees before, don’t understand the society where they came from, struggle with understanding the importance of boundaries or even when to report concerns.

Support for charities

Charities have told us that they want to be able to deliver their induction training in line with other charities and that they want their teams to be able to access more courses than just their basic induction.

Imagine the impact of being able to commission or deliver your own update training for your teams in how best to work with and support refugee families, adults or children.

Imagine being able to access more advanced qualifications and CPD that are also being used by other charities and local government, some of which can be used as prior learning for university courses.

How charities are preparing their volunteers and staff

The Mentoring School has worked with several leading international and UK charities to develop a range of courses suitable for people working with refugees.  We are currently working with a several charities to identify the courses to help with the induction and training of their teams.

We offer a range of low cost solutions (with some free options after initial training) to allow your teams to deploy training packages being used across the UK and beyond, some as short as 3 hours, to other full length 3 day qualifications.

Our short courses are set up to be suitable as an induction session for teams of staff or volunteers.  For a small fee we train someone to deliver the course and we charge no ongoing fees to deliver the course.  This is ideal for charities as it means their only expense when they run induction sessions is the student workbooks.

The Mentoring School are able to come and deliver our courses to teams.  However, if a charity has more than 12 people who would benefit from this training, then our licences are worth considering as the ongoing costs (after initial training) are less than the cost of us training 12 people.  We also offer bulk discounts for multiple licences.

The courses available

We offer courses and Trainer courses in the following subjects for low costs (including some free licences):

  • Working with adult refugees,
  • Working with child refugees,
  • Working with refugees in health,
  • Mentoring adult refugees,
  • Mentoring child refugees,
  • Mentoring refugees in schools,
  • Supporting children learning a second language,
  • Supporting adults learning a second language,
  • Supporting low-level Mental Health in refugee children,
  • Supporting low-level Mental Health in refugee adults,
  • Anger management,
  • Peer mentoring.

Our low-cost licences allow you to deliver these courses for a year for less than the cost of us delivering one full course for you!

Written by a behaviour expert and teacher who has worked with thousands of people, our courses are being used in nearly 1 in 200 schools and colleges in England alone.

“We want to maximise the impact our courses have on vulnerable children and young people, the only way to do that is to make our licences available at a price that is negligible for a local authority department.” Richard Daniel Curtis, Founder

Download more details and pricing information for charities HERE

How do we find out more information?

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