Are these courses proven?

Yes, The Root Of It provided the training for these courses, prior to separating the training wing up as The Mentoring School.  The courses are currently used in over 200 schools and colleges in England.

Would our clients (schools, businesses, volunteers) be interested?

Our experience tells us that they would.  Many have been crying out for the sorts of qualifications we offer.  For example when we launched our first schools based qualification, 1 in 200 schools in England had signed up within 6 months.

What about accreditation for these courses?

Awareness and Principle courses are not accredited as these are information giving courses and there is no assessment of competence.  3 Day courses and above have assignments that may be used by universities to be assessed for prior learning towards a course, such as our relationship with Edge Hill University.  We are currently working with Ofqual to get them registered as qualifications in their own rights.

Do I get university points for qualifications?

The way universities award prior learning points has changed, there is no longer a universal scheme that awards points for completing a course which can then be used at any university.  It is now down to the individual university to look at a submitted assignment and award points towards the course that the individual has applied for.

What are the qualifications of the people delivering the Trainer’s course?

Many of our Trainer courses are delivered by our founder Richard Daniel Curtis, a leading behaviour expert and qualified teacher.  Other trainers hold recognised experience in their subject, such as Special Needs Coordinators for school based courses.

Explain the licence fee

For many of our courses there is an initial Centre Registration fee to train your member of staff to deliver the course and cover the costs in setting up the licences.  After that there are a number of choices.  The most expensive is to pay us on a per-learner basis as you deliver the course.  After that there are a number of monthly fees that enable you to save money by delivering a larger number of courses.  All of our prices are shown on our Policies page.

We are a charity, do we need to pay?

We are not funded by any organisation or charity, therefore we incur expenses in providing our training.  We have worked with several charities to make the licence fees as accessible as possible.  There are some courses that have no licence fee that you are welcome to access, you will still need to pay the initial small Centre Registration fee and for course books.  We can offer bulk discounts on Distance Learning courses for charities too.

How about bulk discounts?

We offer bulk discounts on the same trainer delivering different courses.  This is due to the core components of many of the courses being the same or similar, so it reduces the second Centre Registration fee and in turn the licence fees.  This wouldn’t apply for a different trainer.  We also offer bulk discounts on Distance Learning courses if they are more suited to your situation.

How many people do we need to train to recoup our money?

For a qualification, you would need to train only 18 people to recoup all of your costs ( Trainer training, licence and course books).

Do we get to keep the money on top of that?

Yes, all monies that you charge (some choose not to charge their attendees) you get to keep, so if you train more than 18 people in the first year, or 13 in subsequent years, then you will be making money.

Can we pay our licence annually?

Yes, licences can be set up annually and can be cancelled the following year with 3 months notice before the end of the year (for example if your budget changes).

The cost of the licence is over our spending limit; can we split the payment or pay via a third party?

Yes, licence fees can be split or paid via a third party – the licence will be issued to the third party.  Some organisations, such as local authorities, are funding school based trainers, so transferring the money to the school and the school are licenced through us.


Please email us at hello@thementoringschool.com with any more questions you have, we’ll gladly answer them.