Our Guarantee


The Guarantee

The Mentoring School guarantee that in the first 12 months of taking out a licence you will have recouped your 12 month licence fee (provided you are selling on the courses rather than providing them free and that you are selling them at our recommended price).

We believe in making your investment 100% risk free!

If you do not earn your licence fee back then we will return your licence fee, simple.

We just ask five things of you:

  • That courses are being sold or funding is being used for them;
  • That the licence fee payments are kept up to date;
  • That the Licensee needs to have advertisedĀ and attempted to run at least 2 courses in the first six months;
  • The Licensee must have told us before the end of the first six months andĀ let us help them to market at least a further 2 courses;
  • That the Licensee has done everything we have advised them to do.

That’s it, simple!


Richard Daniel Curtis