Local government and authorities working with refugees

Accepting large number of refugees into your area brings a unique set of challenges.  Apart from the practical housing, health and education issues, your social work teams, advisers, education and health departments all need upskilling on the best practices for working with refugees.

supporting refugee children

Working with the different departments in local government

Imagine the impact of being able to commission or deliver your own update training for your social work and integrated services teams in how best to work with and support refugee families.

Imagine being able to train local health teams in best practice in understanding the cultural differences.

Imagine the effect on the children and young people you are responsible for by being able to train schools in working with refugees.

How local authorities are making sure they are prepared for refugees

The Mentoring School are working with a number of local authorities and organisations to help identify the right training for their staff.

We offer a range of low cost solutions to allow your teams to deploy training packages being used across the UK, some as short as 3 hours, to other full length 3 day qualifications.

We are able to come and deliver our courses to your teams or the schools you are working with to empower them to provide the support that refugees require.  If you have more than 12 people who would benefit from this training, then our licences are worth considering as the ongoing costs are the same as the cost of us training 12 people.  We also offer bulk discounts for multiple licences.

The courses available

We offer e-learning and Trainer courses:

Awareness courses (6-8 10 minute online videos or a half day session):

  • Working with Refugees
  • Refugee Mentoring (children or adults)
  • Supporting low level mental health
  • Working with people learning a second language

Principles (a one day course or 10-16 video e-learning)

  • Working with Refugees
  • Refugee Mentoring (children or adults)
  • Supporting low level mental health
  • Working with people learning a second language

National Qualifications (a 3 day course leading to an assignment recognised by some universities, such as Edge Hill University, as prior learning)

  • Refugee Mentoring
  • Child Refugee Mentoring
  • Supporting Refugees

The costs for each level are (excl. VAT):

Awareness courses- e-learning £29, Centre licence £2100 per year with extra workbooks at £10 ea.
Principles courses – e-learning £99, Centre licence £2988 per year with extra workbooks at £10 ea.
Qualification – e-learning £300, Centre licence £7800 per year with extra workbooks at £20 ea.

*Please note – The workbooks are required for the in-person courses.


E-learning bulk discounts:

20-49 – 25% discount

50-99 – 50% discount

100-499 – 60% discount

500+ – 75% discount

Our low-cost Centre Registration and Trainer courses allow you to deliver these courses for a year for less than the cost of us delivering one full course for you!

Written by a behaviour expert and teacher who has worked with thousands of people, our courses are being used in nearly 1 in 200 schools and colleges in England alone.

“We want to maximise the impact our courses have on vulnerable people, the only way to do that is to make our licences available at a price that is negligible for a local authority department.” Richard Daniel Curtis, Founder

How do we find out more information?

To arrange a phone conversation or a visit please contact Richard on 02381 120010 or on richard.curtis@rootofit.com