Courses for Virtual Schools

The unique challenges faced by Virtual Schools very often means that you are required to provide effective support for children in care in many schools at the same time on low budgets.  Having an impact in multiple schools and providing evidence of the impact your team’s work is having makes the role of the Virtual School increasingly hard.  Many young people who are in care have complex histories, attachment difficulties, social, emotional or low level mental health conditions and some schools report behaviour problems.  Combined with the increase of unaccompanied children as a result of the refugee crisis, it’s a challenging time for Virtual School Heads.

The impact

Imagine the effect on the children and young people you are responsible for by training staff or volunteers in schools to address social, emotional and mental health difficulties (including attachment problems), how to work with refugees, how to support low level mental health problems, how children learn a second language, managing anger or even helping children in care to support each other.

How Virtual Schools are multiplying the impact of their team

One of the ways some Virtual Schools are making the most out of their money is by offering training to schools or settings.  We here at The Mentoring School offer a range of low cost solutions to allow your team to maximise their impact.

Our courses teach people (teachers, support staff, volunteers) how to work with and support the barriers that many children in care encounter.  We are able to come and deliver our courses to your teams or the schools you are working with to empower them to provide the support that children in care require.  If you have more than 12 people who would benefit from this training, then our licences are worth considering as the ongoing costs (after initial training) are less than the cost of us training 12 people, with bulk discounts for multiple licences.

The licences available

We offer licences in the following tried and tested courses for low costs (including some free licences):

  • National Children’s Mentor Qualification (supporting social, emotional, behaviour and low level mental health difficulties in primary),
  • National Young Person’s Mentor Qualification (supporting social, emotional, behaviour and low level mental health difficulties in secondary/FE),
  • Mentoring refugees in schools (supporting refugees, plus social, emotional, behaviour and low level mental health difficulties),
  • Supporting children learning a second language,
  • Supporting low-level Mental Health in schools,
  • Anger management,
  • Peer mentoring.

Our low-cost licences allow you to deliver these courses for a year for less than the cost of us delivering one full course for you!

Written by a behaviour expert and teacher who has worked with thousands of children and young people, these courses are being used in nearly 1 in 200 schools and colleges in England alone.

The impact of our courses

“We want to maximise the impact our courses have on vulnerable children and young people, the only way to do that is to make our licences available at a price that is negligible for a local authority department.” Richard Daniel Curtis, Founder and CEO

How do we find out more information?

To arrange a conversation over the phone or a visit please contact Richard on 02381 120010 or by email on