Learn about the things to consider when becoming a mentor

Have you thought about becoming a mentor?

Are you frustrated watching others make the same mistakes you did?mentoring-courses

Do you want to share your experience and help others to fly?

Do you want to make that REAL difference in someone's life?


Mentors often benefit from mentoring someone as much as their mentees do, both in the satisfaction of helping someone to learn and grow, and the impact it can have on your life.

The Mentoring School offers a short online course on mentoring – The International Mentoring Awareness course, which teaches you what it means to be a mentor and the psychology behind it.

You can buy our course right now for just £7, and your purchase will also mean a volunteer working with refugees will receive training, thanks to our partnership with the charity Help for Refugees. Not only will your purchase have an impact on your life and your career, you’ll also be changing another person’s life!

Our course is taken online and can be completed whenever best suits you so you can fit it around your schedule.

International Mentoring Awareness Course

A 6 part online course to go through the basic of mentoring psychology.

* Your motivation
* What challenges you
* What mentoring involves
* Key attributes of a mentor
* The difference between mentoring and coaching
* The Mentor’s Mantra
* Different types of conversation
* The flow of a conversation
* Mindset
* Reflective practice
* Ways of dealing with emotions
* The stages of NLP
* The change process

Get access today for only £7 and train a volunteer already working with refugees!