Learn about working with refugees and help someone working with refugees

Are you interested in or already working with refugees? Make an impact? Change someone’s life?


There are millions of refugees in need of your help! Every volunteer that helps them makes a huge impact.


If you’re thinking about volunteering, you can take our course Working with Refugees Awareness for just £7. You will learn about everything you might need to prepare yourself for working with refugees, so when you’re out there you can make the most of the opportunity and make as much of a difference as possible.


The money you pay for your course will also fund a volunteer working with refugees for Help for Refugees to take the course as well, meaning you’ll make twice the difference. 


The courses are all distance learning so can be completed online in your own time, and you can fit your learning around your schedule.


Working with Refugees Awareness Course

A 6 part online course to go through the basic considerations when thinking about working with refugees.

It covers:

* Your motivation

* What challenges you

* Local cultures

* Barriers to settling in a culture

* Helping someone to overcome difficulties

* Good practice for working with refugees

* Boundaries

* The role of other services

* Thinking about safeguarding concerns

* Record keeping

Get access today for only £7 and train a volunteer already working with refugees!