Reverse Mentoring

Reverse mentoring is the practice of using apprentices, graduates or young employees to mentor senior or executive level staff to improve the performance of the business.

Not only does it empower and engage younger generations, it also brings a fresh dynamic to the strategy, policy and operation of the company.

Utilise the skills of your new staff to help your business grow.


The Package

Our package consists of two parts:

Reverse Mentor Training

One-day in the classroom, or eLearning, for the young person to help them to learn about some of the theories involved in this complex form of mentoring.

The day is completed with a short online test to ensure that your young person is prepared for the challenges involved in Reverse Mentoring.

Senior Mentee Training

A short eLearning course for the manager or executive to learn the skills required to receive challenge and new ideas from less-experienced staff, plus also encourage the mentor to be forthright with their advice and mentoring.

Download information:

Package overview

Reverse mentoring course leaflet

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