Small Business Saturday Special Offer

Special Small Business Saturday Offer

valid until 4th January only

National Apprentice Mentoring Qualification

eLearning to maximise the effectiveness of your apprentices

Helping small businesses to make sure they are getting the most out of their apprentices by providing them with the training to support them effectively.




Having a good apprentice in a small business can make a huge difference.  It's important that the business owner maximises the impact of the work they get out of an apprentice, whilst also showing them the ropes.

The key to achieving this is in the business owner's understanding of what their apprentice is going through and how to support them best.


Why develop this course?

We surveyed apprentices and found that nearly 50% do not feel supported by their employer, and a massive 84% felt that employers needed guidance on how to best support apprentices!

We worked with apprentices, some small business owners and a training provider to identify the key things that will help transform that support.

This three-day course is presented online in 10-20 minute video segments for a busy business owner or key member of staff to complete in their own time.  Modules include:

  • What is mentoring
  • About your workplace ethos
  • Barriers to learning
  • Learning new skills
  • Coping with emotions
  • Preparation for working life
  • Employer requirements
  • Supporting an individual
  • Supporting a group
  • Good practice for mentors
  • Supporting life skills
  • Involving other staff
  • Supporting Social, Emotional and Mental Health
  • Monitoring outcomes of induction
  • Giving feedback

On top of that, people completing the course can return an assignment up to 6 months later to gain the National Apprentice Mentoring Qualification.

This course RRPs at £300 + VAT, but to celebrate Small Business Saturday, we are offering it to you for only £99 + VAT if you buy before 4th January!


What does an employee say the impact of this course is?

Why should I invest in this course?

Having an apprentice in a small business is a HUGE commitment (we know, we have 2), so it is important that there is a huge return on that investment.

Apprentices are very different from other employees - the way they work, the expectations they have, the way they learn, the way they are motivated can all be unfamiliar and frustrating for a business owner trying to get a job done...

It can be demoralising worrying about their social lives, their emotions, their work attitude and frankly can take a huge amount of problem solving and support over the apprenticeship.

So surely you want to reduce the amount of time you are needing to support your apprentice by knowing the right things to think about and say to them.

We will help you to:

✓ understand the employer requirements
✓ learn about engaging hard to reach young people
✓ have an insight into the work preparation skills they may be missing
✓ know how to structure supportive conversations
✓ how to give feedback
✓ understand the changes in the teenage brain during late puberty
✓ think about ways of minimising any social or emotional problems
✓ understand how people learn
✓ understand some of the barriers they may have
✓ learn about how to use group psychology to create a team ethos


Remember this course RRPs at £300 + VAT, but to celebrate Small Business Saturday, we are offering it to you for only £99 + VAT!

Offer expires 4th January, so get your access today!

Help refugees whilst you learn


The Mentoring School have partnered with charities to provide training for volunteers working with refugees.  For every person our licenced trainers train, we provide a course to a volunteer.  For more details please see our Train 1 Train 2 page.