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Did you know that there is one huge risk that many people overlook when it comes to apprenticeships, and this causes them to fail time and time again?

That failure is caused by a lack of trained mentors for the apprentices.  And we don’t just mean people with experience in that role, we refer to people who have been trained the psychological principles underpinning mentoring that actually means they understand how to support, guide, mentor and coach)

So how can The Mentoring School help us with our apprentices?

We recognise that tutors and assessors only spend a short amount of time with apprentices, however many apprentices need additional employability, life or personal skills development.

We also know that much of the wider workforce do not understand how to work with new entrant apprentices, they often see them as a cheap employee and get frustrated, or even want to get rid of them, when they don’t act like other employees.

So, that’s where we come in, we help employers to know the things they need to do as employers, and also teach them the psychology of mentoring in order to maximise the potential for that apprenticeship throughout their whole course with the award-winning Apprentice Success Mentor Award.

The course that completes the Apprentice Learning Triangle:

What are the benefits for us?

We help employers and training providers to:

  • brief their staff about their duties
  • increase the support for their apprentices
  • have an improved experience for your apprentices
  • develop a more involved workforce
  • have an amazing value-added to really show off to others (and inspectors)!

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What does the Apprentice Success Mentor Award cover?

  • What is a mentor?
  • About your workplace ethos
  • Barriers to learning
  • Learning new skills
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Preparation for working life*
  • Employer requirements*
  • Supporting an individual*
  • Diversity
  • Supporting a group
  • Good practice for mentors
  • Supporting life skills
  • Involving other staff*
  • Supporting Social, Emotional and Mental Health
  • Monitoring outcomes of induction*
  • Giving feedback*

*Indicates a unit that can be tailored to bespoke needs by us

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Apprentice Success Mentor Award

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How is the course delivered?

We deliver the training by licensing partners to deliver in-person or eLearning courses.


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How did this come about?

We began working with schools and colleges, delivering consultancy and mentoring courses for social and emotional difficulties, work readiness or academic skills. We began to receive enquiries from employers asking us about how they could best support apprentices they were struggling to support. We helped them and in the process it became clear that many employers do not always understand the different expectations from those of an employee, why they experience so many difficulties and hurdles when it comes to integrating them and teaching them the skills they need to perform their jobs.

Even worse, when we surveyed apprentices to find out their view, nearly half said they felt unsupported in their workplace and over 85% said they felt employers needed training in how to support apprentices. This surprising data was backed up by our conversations with training providers, who also felt that this identified a gap that was apparent on the times they saw placement failures.

So by working with some apprentices, some employers and training providers, we set about adapting our mentoring courses to help employers mentor apprentices. We had already planned to develop workplace mentoring courses and so we wrote that course and also the apprentice mentoring course.

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