Example agreement

The Mentoring School believe in being transparent about the way we operate.  Therefore to help you to make understand our licencing agreements, we have included a draft licence below.  We have worked closely to ensure that these are suitable for local authorities, charities, organisations and private companies.

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Training Licences proposal from The Root of It Ltd t/a The Mentoring School (“ROI”) to an Organisation (“Org”)


  1. The ROI has developed:

1.1.    Methods training materials and training aids to be used by Trainers in delivering Courses to Students.

1.2.    Courses on a variety of topics as listed from time to time on ROI’s website.

1.3.    Training courses for Trainers on how to deliver the Courses.


  1. Definitions:

2.1.    Trainers are employees, or self employed contractors of Org who train Students.

2.2.    A Certified Trainer has been trained by ROI and certified by ROI as an “ROI certified trainer [xxxx]” where xxxx is the specific Course. (A single Trainer can be certified for multiple courses).

2.3.    A Student is an individual to be trained by a Certified Trainer on a Course.

2.4.    Trainer Aids means resources used by a Certified Trainer to deliver a Course.

2.5.    Course means a course developed by ROI to be delivered by a Certified Trainer to a Student.


  1. Intellectual Property:

3.1.    ROI is the copyright owner of all copyright subsisting in the Trainer Aids and the owner of all intellectual property subsisting in the name and logo of The Root Of It and The Mentoring School, in addition to the Courses.


  1. ROI licences Org to:

4.1.    Enable its Certified Trainers who are certified for a Course or Courses to use the relevant Trainer Aids to train Students on such Course or Courses.

4.2.    Itself or through its Certified Trainers to download, reproduce and distribute Course relevant Trainer Aids to Students in connection with the delivery of Courses to those Students.


  1. ROI shall provide:

5.1.    Face to face Trainer training and certification [Generic]

5.2.    Face to face Trainer training and certification [Course Specific]

5.3.    Trainer Aids that are not available for download.


  1. Payments:

6.1.    Org shall pay on an as and when required basis for:

6.1.1.Initial train the trainer fee which also covers the cost of delivery to the trainer but on loan to Org, of samples of the Trainer Aids to be used by them when Certified Trainers, in delivering Courses to Students )

6.1.2.Stocks of Trainer Aids also on loan.

6.2.    Org shall pay each month a monthly licence fee of:

6.2.1.£[         ] per Certified Trainer;

6.2.2.£[         } per Course in respect of each Course for which each Certified Trainer is certified.

6.3.    Payment shall be made within 30 days of invoice.

6.4.    Invoices shall be delivered no earlier than the date on which the relevant train the trainer training or Training Aids are delivered.


  1. The Licence Fee covers:

7.1.    Continuing certification of Trainers

7.2.    Continuous updating of Trainer Aids

7.3.    The right to download and print multiple copies of Trainer Aids made available for that purpose by ROI.

7.4.    Telephone/email Support to Org—provided to a single individual at Org nominated from time to time to be the support contact.]

7.5.    Delegated authority to Org to assess Students and issue certificates for their participation in Courses

7.6.    Use of ROI name/logo in connection with authorised training.


  1. Loan of Trainer Aids:

8.1.    Trainer Aids delivered to Org (or its representatives or Certified Trainers) remain the property of ROI until the end of this agreement at which time they shall be returned (to the extent that they then exist and have not been given to Students).

8.2.    The payment made for any Trainer Aids is not a payment for transfer of ownership, merely a payment for delivery and use.

8.3.    The loss damage or destruction of Trainer Aids loaned to Org shall have no consequence except only that Org may need to replace its stock of those Trainer Aids and will in those circumstances need to pay ROI for that replacement stock.

8.4.    Org shall:

8.4.1.Nominate Trainers for Trainer Training and certification.

8.4.2.Maintain and update (and share with ROI) its list of Trainers Certified to deliver Courses and the Courses for which they are certified.

8.4.3.Not describe or allow any of their staff or contractors to describe themselves as a ROI Certified Trainer unless they have been trained and certified by ROI and are on the list (above).

8.4.4.Not allow any Trainer to use the Trainer Aids unless they are a Certified Trainer

8.4.5.Not allow any Trainer to use Course Specific Trainer Aids unless the Trainer has been certified by ROI for that Course.

8.4.6.Not copy or use or allow anyone else to download, reproduce or use the Trainer Aids except as authorised by this agreement.

8.4.7.Not do anything to bring ROI or its certification of trainers into disrepute.

8.4.8.Upon request inform ROI where and when Trainers are delivering Courses and allow a representative of ROI to attend and observe.

8.4.9.Monitor training standards and investigate any concerns about Trainer quality brought to their attention.


  1. ROI shall:

9.1.    Use reasonable endeavours to train Trainers as and when requested by Org (Generic and once generically certified for additional specific Courses).

9.2.    Issue certificates to trained Trainers who attain the necessary standard

9.3.    Advise Org of outcome of training and maintain list of currently registered Trainers who are on Org list (Clause 8.4.2)

9.4.    With the agreement of Org provide refresher training when it considers it necessary (fee payable).

9.5.    Investigate or take action on any unresolved concerns not dealt with under 8.4.9(including possible deregistration of )Org or Trainer).

9.6.    Use reasonable endeavours to supply Trainer Aids, as and when ordered.


  1. In training Trainers and publicising the list of Certified Trainers  on ROI website ROI is processing their personal data on behalf of Org which is the Data Controller. Org will obtain their informed consent to such processing and both parties shall comply with relevant UK or EU data protection legislation.


  1. The agreement is of indefinite duration but either party may terminate on three months notice or immediately for breach or insolvency.


  1. Upon termination Org shall return, destroy or delete all Trainer Aids in its possession or possession of Trainers and not itself or through Trainers suggest any continuing connection with ROI.